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Even if corrected with glasses, children with amblyopia (lazy eye) will not regain normal visual acuity. At SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, we have a specific unit that performs accurate diagnostic tests and treatments for this problem. 

In amblyopia (or lazy eye), early diagnosis is essential. This problem must be detected in the first 5 years in order for it to be resolved. 


To diagnose this condition the followingmust be done:

  • Perform visual acuity tests appropriate to the child's age to facilitate the detection of amblyopia.
  • Determine the cause of the amblyopia: uncorrected or improperly corrected optical graduation, strabismus, whether visible or not, eye disorder (cataracts, retinopathy, etc.).
  • Distinguish amblyopia from other eye disorders, particularly reading deficiencies, as children may have other neuropsychological problems.


  • Besides the classic patch, which is the standard treatment, other measures backed by scientific evidence, such as atropine eye drops or novel glasses with electronically controlled intermittent occlusion, are considered.