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Communication: the transparent hospital

Outreach and health promotion

As a leading centre for the care of mothers, children and adolescents, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital promotes several initiatives that have two key objectives:

  1. To minimise future health problems through prevention and promotion of healthy habits in families.
  2. To support families with chronically ill patients, with tools to better manage the disease and improve the quality of life of children.

Prevention and promotion

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is responsible for promoting healthy habits in childhood, because many adult diseases can be avoided through prevention during childhood. We therefore feel that we have a duty to share this knowledge with society.
In recent years, the Hospital has been driving initiatives through new technologies and social networks, as they are able to reach a wider audience geographically.

The main vehicle we use is the FAROS website, which provides parents and teachers with confirmed and updated quality information with which to convey healthy habits to children. This is done through its website and through a series of case reports on topics of interest related to child and adolescent health, i.e. the FAROS reports.

Other initiatives in this line are:

  • Talks for parents: given periodically and in-person, these are taught by the Hospital's professionals on a specific topic in health education. These are meant for parents, guardians, child carers, nurseries and school teachers.
  • First aid workshops: monthly, the Hospital gives first aid workshops for parents, carers and teachers who want to learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on babies and young children, and general first aid.
  • School activities: from time to time, the Hospital conducts activities with local school children that are aimed at conveying healthy habits, scientific culture and innovation.
  • Partnerships and collaborations: the Hospital works with companies and institutions as consultants in the process of developing products and services, in order to ensure their suitability for mothers, children and adolescents.

Support for families

With web resources, the Hospital provides information and resources for families living with a chronically ill patient who need support beyond that received at the doctor's office. Through advice and resources, the Hospital provides parents and carers with reliable information to better manage the disease at home, which lets them feel more confident in managing the disease and helps to improve the child's quality of life.

With the online Guía Metabólica and Guía Diabetes tipo 1, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital helps families living with a child who has a congenital metabolic disorder or diabetes, whether he or she is a patient of the hospital or not.

Likewise, by means of the Rare Commons website, the Hospital promotes biomedical research into rare diseases. By bringing together families and doctors in a community-based virtual environment, knowledge is shared and research advanced on these diseases.