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CSR with values

The values of hospitality, solidarity and sustainability are at the core of the Hospital's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. With patients and their families in mind, the Centre has various active initiatives:

  • “Space for Associations”: its goal is to provide an indirect service to patients through its associations. The Space offers three equipped offices for the associations to use and a professional dedicated to them full-time.
  • “Child Life” Specialist: a professional trained to help children, adolescents and their families, to understand and handle emotionally stressful health-related life events and experiences.
  • Volunteers: more than 600 people to accompany and play with the patient during their hospital stay so that the family can rest, to organise birthday parties, holidays, Christmas, to look after the patient's siblings – ultimately, to make being in the Hospital easier.
  • Hospital clowns: professional performers with special healthcare-related training, who focus on laughter therapy and relaxation. They work closely with healthcare teams to alleviate the states of emotional stress and anxiety brought on by therapeutic processes.
  • Hospital School "La Magnòlia" and Mental Health Classroom: they help children to maintain a link with their daily lives, while ensuring that their school rhythm is not broken.
  • Music Therapy: sessions for patients admitted to the Oncology, Traumatology, General Paediatrics, ICU, Psychiatry and Neonatology wards.

Internationally, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has two programmes managed from the centre itself:

  • PCCB Charity Fund: thanks to the solidarity of the founding donors of the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona and other donors who are individuals and companies, this international cooperation program allows us to treat children without resources who suffer from cancer and live in countries where it is impossible to access the treatment they need.
  • “Cuida'm” Programme: with this programme, and thanks to individuals and corporate partners, we enable sick children who have no chance of treatment in their own country to be treated at our Hospital and then return home cured or in improved health.
  • Twinning with Sierra Leone: SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is twinned with the Order's centre in Sierra Leone: Saint John of God Hospital. Our paediatricians, nurses and other professionals regularly travel to Sierra Leone to exchange knowledge and support the professionals working there. From Barcelona we also try to improve the facilities there and provide them with materials. In addition, we have founded a nursing school for training and to create local job opportunities.

Linked to the twinning with Sierra Leone, our centre has another charity initiative. Healthcare is not public in Sierra Leone, and people with limited resources put off going to hospital when sick. To prevent these situations, we have promoted a programme in which you can sponsor a child's treatment in Sierra Leone. This programme has one goal: to raise funds to treat these families free of charge.