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The future of the Hospital

Paidhos 2020 strategic plan

We are now on the Paidhos 2020 strategic plan in order to strengthen our position as a highly specialised and internationally oriented mothers' and children's hospital. This is the third Paidhos planinitiated by SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, and the plan allows the Hospital to obtain the medical and care position envisaged in 2004.

Our goal is to be a reference centre able to treat any kind of childhood disease, however complex, and patients from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Paidhos 2020 has several policy areas that affect aspects such as the continuous pursuit of clinical excellence, constant improvement of the patient experience and of our infrastructure, and the sustainability of our model.

We must also not forget our commitment to society. We aim at strengthening our ties with the public, institutions, and of course, with those who help us carry out our hospital project: our donors and friends.

And lastly, we continue to move forward to improve the health of children, young people and mothers by promoting research and innovation, training for health professionals and the dissemination of information and resources for patients and families.

Presentation of the Paidhos 2020 strategic program

The Managing Director of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, Manel del Castillo, presents the new edition of the strategic plan for the Center, the so called "Paidhos 2020". This is a strategic plan which sets the lines for the next four years and has been produced with the participation of a large number of healthcare professionals of the Hospital.

Renovations Plan (2005–2020)

The renovation of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is a must. In recent years we have increased our number of discharges by more than 20%, our births by 30%, our outpatient visits by 15%, our same-day surgeries by 100% and our day-hospital care by more than 200%.

Therefore, the renovations will meet our new care needs. The Hospital has transitioned from providing strictly maternal and paediatric care to treating adolescents and more diverse and complex complaints.

Our goal is to offer our patients and their families greater comfort and better service, and, to do this, we must expand to have adequate space to meet care needs and maintain our care model.

In 2005, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital began remodelling and expanding its infrastructure. The Generalitat de Catalunya (local Government of Catalonia) awarded a grant of 36 million euros to cover part of the cost of the project