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Human Capital

The people working at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital are our most important resource. Following the above-cited values, some of the Institution's initiatives are meant for them.

  • Coaching Service: the Hospital has a service to help its professionals to meet their full potential and improve their leadership skills. The service also helps people with work-related problems and those who do high-stress, emotional work.
  • Training Plan: each year, professional development pathways are offered – areas for improvement in aspects related to users and working areas regarding values.
  • Incentive Policy: professional career and management contracts are two tools available to professionals to incentivise the setting and obtaining of objectives.
  • Recognition Policy: each year, we set aside a day to celebrate the work of professionals who have retired, where they are recognised publicly, as well as the loyalty of those who have worked 25 years at the hospital.
  • Ability to Innovate: for professionals who have innovative thoughts or the ability to generate ideas, there is a support service that helps them to put their ideas and projects into practice.
  • Social Support Service: People and Values Department advises professionals who have a social need in their family (disability, elderly, dependence, etc.)
  • Employees' Benefits: professionals enjoy benefits by having access to certain goods and services, whether provided by the Hospital (significant discounts on orthodontic services for the children of workers, etc.) or by partner companies.
  • Welcome for New Employees: new employees are welcomed with information about the Hospital and the Order.
  • Charity Programmes: there are various programmes organised by the Hospital or the Order that allow employees to show their charitable side.
  • Areas of Participation: periodically, employees can participate in the “life” of the Hospital, outside of the professional setting. The centre organises costume contests, nativity scenes at Christmas and other events.
  • Social Events Committee: the Hospital has several initiatives outside work, such as a theatre group, a choir, an indoor football team, a running team, a yoga group, etc. The “Activa’t” initiative leads the way in developing these proposals.