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International and private care and second opinion

As a private non-profit institution, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital offers national and international private services, such as hospital admission and outpatient consultations.

We provide a wide range of general paediatric specialties (Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Traumatology, etc.) and highly specialised units that offer solutions to complex conditions, for which we are reference centre for second opinions.

We also incorporate services for which there is currently no public coverage, such as Orthodontics, learning disorders, an Adoption Unit and Sports Medicine.

For mothers and babies, we offer care during pregnancy and childbirth for women who opt for private medical care, and for mothers from other countries who choose our hospital during maternity.

The sum of the economic performance from our private and international activity has a great influence on SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, helping in its sustainability and continual development.