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Paediatric illnesses with onset at early age

This area has 2 main axes: research on endocrine disorders and research on Neonatal Physiopathology.

In endocrine disorders, research is being conducted on the markers and epigenetic mechanisms that can account for abnormalities in fetal development, such as delayed intrauterine growth, obesity and gestational diabetes, and the genetic determinants of restricted fetal growth. Studies are also being done on ways to prevent and treat the consequences of low birth weight for adrenal and ovarian function.

In the field of Neonatal Physiopathology, research is being conducted on brain development in newborns and in the fields of prematurity, nutrition, metabolism and epigenetic changes.


  • Metabolic Endocrinology, which includes ovarian hyperandrogenism, insulin resistance, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Perinatal origin of adult-onset diabetes: animal models.
  • Neonatal Physiopathology.