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Palliative Care: testimonials

Thanks for joining us on this long road, making our lives easier and helping us to accept the unacceptable. In these painful and difficult times for the family, being able to count on your help, support and know-how is priceless, and it is something we will never forget.

Testimony of L. B.

They advised, encouraged and comforted us with their follow-up through home visits and regular phone calls. We were always able to get in touch with them for any emergency. We have nothing but good things to say about these professionals, who have helped our son throughout his incredibly complicated journey. It would have been impossible to do all this at home without their support.

Testimony of M. C.

The palliative care team makes a great work, work that not everyone is able to do. There are many positive characteristics that can define them: altruism, solidarity, empathy, strength, perseverance, companionship, kindness, generosity, and many more. We went through many experiences together, and despite the difficulties, we have learned and they have taught us a lot. But if we had to zero in on a single thing – one detail, a moment, a virtue – we would say that they were always there when we needed them.

Testimony of E. R.

You made everything easier. We were calmer at home because we knew that we could call you at any time. On the phone there was a voice that was close, professional and above all human, which we could trust and discuss our fears. You gave us and to our son an appropriate response and care. [...] Thank you for helping us to enjoy wonderful moments with our son.

Testimony of F. A.