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Procurement as a recipient of goods and services

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has a system of purchasing and procurement to ensure free competition and transparency in its processes, taking into account the assessment of sustainability criteria, including environmental, social and economic policies.

The Hospital has several interdisciplinary committees that assess the introduction of new consumables (Purchasing Committee), new drugs (Pharmacy Committee) and new equipment (Equipment Committee). Each committee contains representatives in the clinical field, who ensure that the products and equipment incorporated are suitable. The committees also have representatives specialised in economic matters, to ensure compliance with the financial budget.

Within this framework, and based on purchasing and/or procurement volumes, the following circuits are followed:

  • For the purchase of medical devices and certain drugs that are used recurrently and under similar conditions (with no great variability in volumes and/or required technical specifications), a combined purchasing platform of the Catalan Health and Social Care Consortium (CSC) is used. This platform ensures maximum transparency and competition in the process of selecting suppliers, while allowing for economies of scale in purchasing thanks to a centralised procurement policy entered into with other hospitals.
  • For the purchase of other products, general services and equipment, a purchasing process based on the initial definition of the requirements is used, implementing a process of open and transparent negotiation with interested suppliers of a product/service, and with subsequent approval by the relevant interdisciplinary committee for the product/equipment finally selected.
  • Procurement according to the Public Services Procurement Act (LCSP): in general, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is not required to follow the LCSP. It is only obligated to follow the LCSP in relation to investments linked to capital subsidies from the Generalitat de Catalunya (local government of Catalonia) for remodelling and extension of the hospital. In this case, according to the agreed-on clauses in the agreement for this subsidy, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital follows the procedures required by the LCSP.

Below we describe the renovations which have already been done, reporting the basic conditions of the tenders made and the suppliers and amounts awarded. 

Provider platform

Suppliers of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital may consult the status of their invoices online.

To access this, a user name and password are required, which can be requested at 

Access to the Suppliers Platform

IMPORTANT: the PC version of the supplier's platform is best used with Internet Explorer. Problems may occur on other devices and browsers.