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Resident nurse (Enfermera Interna Residente EIR)

Find all the paediatric, gynaecology and obstetrics specialist areas in SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital’s nursing residency programme.

In terms of experience, SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is one of the leading centres for the Spanish nursing residency training programme (EIR). This year we offer 9 positions to qualified nurses interested in highly specialised training. We also offer 4 different positions of nursing for Gynecology and Obstetrics of our center, popularly better known as Resident Midwives Nurses (EMR).

What makes our centre different is that it is the only hospital in Catalonia that exclusively provides care to paediatric patients, in all aspects, from primary care to the most complex diseases our tertiary referral hospital treats.

In addition to the clinical and research training regulated in the common Cross-curricular Plan of the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Catalan Autonomous Government’s Teaching Quality Plan, we offer three free courses of Education Sant Joan de Déu every year.

We also offer the chance to take part in other training activities such as conferences and congresses (in ours and other centres). You will be able to attend at least one of these activities, paid for by the Hospital. More than half of our team of nurses are specialists: train with professionals highly experienced.

Our philosophy of learning is based on experience and care of children and their families. In the Gynaecology and Obstetrics area, women are cared in all their stages.

Our training experience

Of our residents
come from other parts of Spain.
Would do their training with us
of them after residency
maitain ther connections with our hospital
We accompany, support and guide them through their training in the specialist area of paediatric nursing. Our residents become competent, innovative, model professionals.
Marta Fajardo, coordinator of Training and Teaching in paediatric nursing

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital training programme

Consult the rotations and the main specialist areas of the nursing residency

Our EIR paediatric training programme

We explain our teaching programme, what your theoretical and practical learning will be based on, the areas of paediatric nursing you will do your rotations in and other details about the training programme.

EIR rotations and guards in paediatrics

We offer you information, answering the most frequently asked questions about how the nursing residency works: rotations and other practical issues to bear in mind in your two years of EIR residency.

Consult the full training programme in paediatrics

This document gives you all the information you need to apply for a place for your residency or to start learning with us.

The training plan EIR Gynecology and Obstetrics

Learn how to structure the learning of resident midwives, the tutoring system or the areas of Gynecology and Obstetrics in which you can train.

Rotations and resident midwife guards

Find summarized the information on rotations, guards and services inside and outside the Hospital where you can perform the learning process as a resident midwife.

Formative itinerary of the gynecological-obstetric residence

Consult this complete document with all the information before requesting a place for your residence and start training and learning in our center.

Protocols of supervision of resident nurses

Our residency experience

The tutors transmit vocation and respect for specialization as a midwife. You learn during the process and deal with complex cases.
Carlos Aulló, second-year midwife resident at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital
I’ve discovered that I like many of the specialist areas in paediatric nursing. Now I have to decide.
Marta Fernández, second-year resident at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital
The patient profile is increasingly complex and requires more specific nursing care.
Laura Lahuerta, nurse at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital and EIR in the first year of the programme