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Rotations and on-calls during EIR nursing residency

Consult the paediatric specialities for your residency and other frequently asked questions resident nurses have at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital

What is the rotation programme at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital?

First and second year residents are divided into three rotation groups. The first group begins with rotations in external centres (primary care centres, Numància Accident and Emergency Unit and a special education school).

The second group of rotations will then go through the Admissions Units (of all the paediatric medical and surgical specialities) where they will spend 8 weeks (4 of early shifts, 3 of late shifts and 1 of night shifts) in each area.

The third nursing residency rotation group is in the following specialised units:

In some units the rotation is for four weeks and in others, three months. For the exact details and duration of each rotation, consult the Individual Programme for Nursing Residency Training in Paediatrics.

How many on-calls will I have to do during my residency?
  • You will be assigned two on-calls a month on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. In the 22 months of you residency, you will do a total of 44 on-calls.
  • The on-calls will be assigned by the management, roughly three months in advance.
  • They will be seven hours long, early shift or late shift, whenever possible in the area in which you are on rotation at the time or in a Department or Unit where you have already worked as part of your rotation.
  • In the second year of the EIR, a 12-hour on-call is programmed with the Catalan medical emergencies service.
  • In the period of rotation in the Primary Care Centres (CAPs), the on-calls will be in SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital Accident and Emergency or the Accident and Emergency in the centre in Carrer Numància.
  • Each resident can decide whether to also put their names down with nursing management on the list for covers. In this case you will be considered as an on-duty nurse and there will be no limit to the number of hours.
Working conditions for paediatric EIRs

Once you have been given a place, you will sign an employment contract, the conditions of which will govern your work under supervision.  The contract will also state the amount you will be paid.

You will have one month of annual leave per year which you will have to divide as indicated by the person in charge at our centre.

Do I have to be able to speak Catalan? I’m worried about the language.

You don’t need to. SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is in Barcelona, where they speak Spanish and Catalan. In the initial adaptation phase you will be using documentation in Spanish and Catalan and they will also speak to you in both languages, which will allow you to become familiar with the language. Any time you don’t understand something, just ask. None of the residents we have had up to now have considered language to be a problem.

In fact, 98% of our resident nurses are from outside Catalonia and most say they would repeat their experience in our centre. 

Is there any chance of working in SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital when I finish my residency?

A total of 85% of EIR nursing residents have remained linked to our centre after finishing their training. Additionally, if you receive the end-of-residency award for your continuous assessment and your research project, you will be given a one-year contract at the hospital to work as an expert nurse.

I have more questions about the EIR at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital.

If you have any more questions, you can send an email to the Nursing and Paediatric Residency Coordinator, Marta Fajardo (