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Training for parents

Talks for parents

We regularly organise talks aimed mainly at parents, caregivers and teachers on specific child health subjects such as nutrition, managing emotions, behaviour problems, learning problems and mental health matters.

The talks are free and given by professionals from SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital at the hospital facilities from 7h pm to 8h pm

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for complete information on the talks (subject, place, how to register, etc.).

“La cuineta”: a diet-therapy kitchen

“La cuineta” is a kitchen within SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital where dietary and kitchen staff give scheduled classes to teach people to cook and handle special products appropriately. The courses are aimed at parents and family members of patients at the hospital who follow restricted diets such as low-protein diets. We teach people to prepare dishes that please both the eye and the palate, and to make the most of permitted foods and combinations thereof.

If you are interested, you can view the special recipes in Metabolism Guide.