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Thematic websites

Metabolic Guide

A project from SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, that offers support to patients with congenital errors of metabolism and their families. This website offers validated, rigorous and up-to-date information on these minority diseases and gives access to families and patients for support from the medical team and nutritionists at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital.

Type 1 Diabetes Guide

Website on type 1 diabetes mellitus in childhood to help families resolve doubts and gain confidence in the management of their child's illness. The site offers multiple tips and resources prepared by diabetes specialists at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital.

Rare Commons

Online platform focused on the biomedical study of rare diseases affecting children. This platform allows user interaction, thanks to a dynamic array of information, training and participation simulating the environment of virtual social networks. Users are grouped in private communities, consisting of families and doctors, who collaborate to improve the scientific knowledge of the disease and describe its natural history. The communities are also a place of support between families and between doctors.


Share4Rare is a European project that aims to improve the quality of life of those suffering from rare diseases and their families. We have created a community to bring together the whole ecosystem of rare diseases in order to, ultimately, create an impact. Together we can advance research, share knowledge and transform rare diseases into known diseases.

Recommended applications

Training Karyotypes

Training Karyotypes is an application designed for professionals and students interested in cytogenetic analysis who wish to learn and improve how to perform human karyotyping. Users can identify the chromosomal abnormalities and write the chromosomal constitution formula. Allows training at any time and from anywhere.

iNatal, an app for pregnant women

iNatal is an app that offers guidelines for nutrition and well-being based on scientific studies to improve the health of the mother and baby throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy. In addition to easy and intuitive information, it helps people resolves the most frequent concerns about pregnancy by consulting the forum. All with the rigor and advice of specialists in medicine and maternal-fetal research.

Download iNatal from Google play and App Store

Nursing Blog

App aimed at nursing students and professionals with useful information such as: Nursing history, Nursing models, Degree in Nursing, specialties, professional associations, news, agenda, resources, calculators, techniques, procedures and professional guides.

061 CatSalut Respon

Mobile application owned by SEMSA (Catalan Health Service), public and free, aimed at both citizens and healthcare professionals. It allows the user to register and share their geolocation to obtain telephone healthcare services when necessary. It also has health tips and information from nearby health centres.

Infermera Virtual (Virtual Nurse)

The Col·legi Oficial d'Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona (official nursing college) has created this app aimed at both citizens and healthcare professionals, in order to promote the autonomy and independence of people in making decisions about their health. The user can consult the health tutorials in an easy and understandable way and in different formats such as videos, infographics or health tips. With the application you can also scan QR codes and receive notifications related to health.