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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

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Anesthesia Induction at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

In the Anaesthesiology Department at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital we work to reduce the anguish of our pediatric patients during the surgical process and also in assisting women during childbirth.

We specialise in caring for children and women before, during and after surgical procedures. Our objective is to prevent patients from experiencing pain while they are surrounded by their families in the safest environment possible.

We treat all surgical specialties in children, from birth to 18 years of age, and in women of any age, to meet all their obstetric and gynaecological needs.

Our team consists of physicians and nurses who specialise in Anaesthesiology. Together with the teams from the surgical specialties, we provide planned and emergency care to patients from both Spain and other countries 24 hours a day.

The anesthesia procedure

Before a surgical procedure

We perform a medical evaluation of the patient to ensure that performing the surgical procedure is indicated. We offer anxiolytic methods to decrease the fear of the child and the family before an operation, and to prevent severe disorders which may arise from poor management of their fears.

Parental presence during anesthesia induction

Presencia de los padres durante la inducción a la anestesia en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

During anaesthesia procedures

We keep the patient under the safest possible conditions with techniques suited to each process, whether common or specialised surgical procedures. We provide personalised analgesia during and after surgery to treat pain.

In collaboration with the Women's Area, we offer pain management alternatives in the more than 4,000 births per year that are overseen at the Hospital. We also provide critical care to women to meet all their obstetric and gynaecological needs.

In the postoperative period

The Anaesthesia Department treats acute pain, mostly postoperative pain, using multiple analgesic techniques:

  • Patient-controlled analgesia (children over 6 years of age).
  • Nurse-controlled analgesia (children under 6 years of age and non-cooperative children).
  • Epidural analgesia.
  • Nerve blocks.
  • Administration of opioids and other drugs to treat pain.

Why SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital?

Attention to the fears of the child and the family

We are pioneers in the use of techniques to mitigate the fears and uncertainties of children and their families before a surgical intervention, with the aim of avoiding the severe disorders that poor management of their fears can cause.

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Experience in personalized analgesia

We are experts in adapting anesthesia to the particularities of each patient and their disease.

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Specific consultation for the treatment of chronic pain

We work in coordination with other services and units of the Hospital and we have a specialist in Acupuncture.

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Our Outcomes


Anaesthesiology: Procedures per year


Procedures requiring anaesthesia in outpatient surgery


Procedures requiring anaesthesia in hospitalization

Our professionals

"We do everything possible to turn the process of surgery into a game and to alleviate the fear of both the child and the family"

David Artés Tort
Paediatric anaesthetist
Celia Arbona Conejero
Paediatric anaesthetist
Estíbaliz Azpeitia López
Paediatric anaesthetist
Ester Banús Gasol
Paediatric anaesthetist
Alicia Chamizo Bremer
Paediatric anaesthetist
Maria Ángeles Escobar
Paediatric anaesthetist
Carolina Forero Cortés
Paediatric anaesthetist
Susana Franci Ventosa
Paediatric anaesthetist
Clara Hernández Cera
Paediatric anaesthetist
Rafic Khuory Bojokian
Paediatric anaesthetist
Irune Landajuela Aldecoa
Paediatric anaesthetist
Marta López Viñals
Paediatric anaesthetist
Dmytro Lushchenko
Paediatric anaesthetist
Dolors Molies Navarrete
Paediatric anaesthetist
Maria Montserrat Navarro Egea
Paediatric anaesthetist
Laura Ortuño Sala
Paediatric anaesthetist
Maria del Carme Pàmies Auvi
Paediatric anaesthetist
Cristina Pascuets Iglesias
Paediatric anaesthetist
Marina Perelló Riera
Paediatric anaesthetist
Maria del Mar Prat Roca
Paediatric anaesthetist
Alejandra Prieto Gundin
Paediatric anaesthetist
Alberto Sánchez Vega
Paediatric anaesthetist
Maria Eva Sola Ruiz
Paediatric anaesthetist
Montserrat Suárez Comas
Paediatric anaesthetist
Maria Uribarri López
Paediatric anaesthetist


The Anaesthesiology Department at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital collaborates on international research projects in the following fields:

  • Fluid therapy.
  • Anaesthetic care in neonates and infants.
  • Child comfort and safety.
  • Decreasing stress before surgery: Project Stars
  • Decreasing stress in the postoperative period.
  • Pain.


SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is a university hospital affiliated with the University of Barcelona. We share our knowledge and train professionals so that they may specialise in Paediatric Anaesthesiology.

Specialised training of resident physicians (MIR)

We are a leading hospital in training specialist physicians from other hospitals in Anaesthesiology. Each year, we train 40 resident physicians (MIR), who come from Catalonia and all over the Spain.

Training in inhalation anaesthesia

We are an international training centre in inhalation anaesthesia.