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Healthcare projects

Healthcare projects
 Imagen de detalle del muñeco con el que un niño juega durante el ingreso en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Not all healthcare programmes that take place at the Hospital are publicly-funded. Our commitment to offering the best healthcare possible requires us, in some cases, to turn to wider society to make long-term sustainable healthcare a reality.

Child Life specialists: the importance of fighting fear before an operation

With a view to answering questions and doubts that patients and their families have, our healthcare provision team is trained in the Child Life emotional care method, originating the United States. They use play and games along with other techniques to help the child understand what is going to be done to them, ensuring that their operation experience is less traumatic. 

Enfermera Child Life y paciente ingresado en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Programme for complex chronic patients

Some children suffer from chronic, complex and very severe illnesses that require specific care. That is why the Palliative Care and Complex Chronic Patient Department launched the C2P2 programme, in which participating patients have a dedicated case manager. This manager knows in-depth details about each case, allowing for comprehensive caregiving both from a clinical point of view, as well as a psychological, social and spiritual viewpoint. Furthermore, participants have rapid access to the services they need, and when possible, at-home care.

Una persona coge de la mano a un paciente, imagen de detalle, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Pediatric Pain Unit

Many diseases cause chronic pain from infancy, which can be debilitating and hugely limit the child’s life. Moreover, many in-hospital procedures can also cause short-term pain and severe discomfort for young patients. To tackle any cases of pain and make measuring pain yet another routine step within our centre, the professionals working in this unit are trained in pediatrics, psychology, anesthesiology and nursing. 

Bebé atendido en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

For listening and sharing how we feel

Families need somewhere to talk about how they are feeling. They need to talk about emotions, their worries and anxieties regarding their child's disease. Through the 'Sentim' programme, as well as being able to express their feelings, parents are attended by a team of professionals who can really help them through their current circumstances.

Sesión programa Sentim de acompañamiento en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Mental health in children and adolescents: a key priority

Mental health issues are highly stigmatised, and come with a great deal of emotional baggage for both patients and their families. For children and adolescents, these issues are particularly concerning, as they affect several areas in their life at a crucial point in their development, such as their personal, academic, and social lives and the overall adolescence process.

These illnesses often present higher risk of suicidal behaviour, a predisposition to substance abuse and addiction, higher-risk sexual behaviours and more frequent social isolation and school absenteeism.

Non-subsidised healthcare projects in mental health

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is aware of how important it is to approach the topic of mental health from all angles. That is why we have several non-subsidised healthcare projects in place to care for these patients.

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Sesión con pacientes de salud mental en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Caring for HIV-positive patients

At the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, we are there for children and adolescents with HIV throughout their journey, not only by providing the clinical care they need, but also the mental, emotional and social support. Our aim is to educate them on self-care and promote a safe, independent adult life. This programme also includes more than 300 children who, although they are not HIV-positive, are affected by the virus in some form within their family.

Un niño sostiene unas ojas de otoño en las mano

IPOU: the Integrative Pediatric Oncology Unit

The IPOU was launched in 2019 as a way of offering holistic, patient-oriented care to children with cancer. It operates with strict scientific rigor and follows medical criteria to reduce pain, anxiety and drug toxicity, and ultimately, improve their quality of life. It is the first unit of its kind in Spain, as well as on a European level, as in our centre, complementary treatments (including acupuncture, essential oils, reflexology, etc.) are fully integrated into a patient’s therapeutic plan and overall treatment approach.

Paciente de oncología integrativa pediátrica del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Tackling childhood obesity from several angles

One in three children in Spain is overweight. These patients are at higher risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular issues, respiratory problems, etc. at some point in their lives. The Hospital has various initiatives such as 'Prevengo' [I Prevent] and 'Sumar per Restar' [Add to Take Away], to tackle childhood obesity from several angles, taking into account the lifestyles and eating habits of the children and their family.

Imagen genérica de alimentación procesada y obesidad)