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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

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The SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital (hereinafter HSJD) recognises the importance of the applicable legislation and regulations pertaining to privacy and data protection. In this sense, the protection of the safety, integrity and confidentiality of our clients' and users' information is very important to us and we therefore strive to act responsibly in this regard. This page describes our website's (hereinafter, the website) cookies policy. 

The provisions of both the Legal Notice and the Privacy policy will apply for the purpose of this Cookies Policy.

Acceptance of the Cookies Policy

As specified in the first layer ("banner on cookies”), the User has accepted or is able to accept this Cookies Policy.

The use of technical means to prevent cookies from being downloaded to the user's browser does not invalidate the consent given for legal purposes, although the technical result may be that some or none of the cookies will not be downloaded, the effects of which are described later in this Cookies Policy.


HSJD uses cookies to make the browsing of its website more functional and useful for its users. In this sense, and to give the User all the information necessary for correct browsing, we provide the following explanatory text on what cookies are and how the User can disable them.

Definition of cookie

All websites (regardless of the service they provide) currently use cookies, i.e. they save minimal information about the User’s activity on the website. A cookie can therefore be defined as a small text file or generalised device downloaded onto the User’s device or machine when they are browsing websites with the aim of storing data that may be updated and retrieved by the organisation responsible for their installation.

Purposes, management of cookies and type of cookies

  • Technical cookies: These cookies allow the User to browse a web page, platform or application and to use the different options or services provided, such as monitoring traffic and data reporting, identification of session, access to restricted sections, using safety features during browsing, storing content for the streaming of videos or sound or sharing content via the social media.
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Deactivating and uninstalling cookies

Most computers automatically accept the use of cookies. However, the user can decide whether or not to keep cookies enabled on their computer. 

Disabling cookies may make the website operate sub-optimally, disabling some characteristics or services provided (eg making it impossible to register, among others). Nevertheless, and even after all cookies have been disabled, the web browser will continue to collect certain essential information for the basic functioning of the website. 

Users can disable cookies from the preferences section on their Internet browser. Here are some links provided by the most popular browsers, with instructions for managing cookies on different devices and versions, if required.