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We treat you. We take care of you.

Trust us. We lead the way in both children’s and maternal healthcare.

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Experts in the health of children and pregnant women

Our success rates place us among the best in the world in high-complexity diseases in children and pregnant women.

We are at the forefront of paediatric care

We are a group of more than 400 professionals of all paediatric specialties trained at the world's best hospitals.

We apply the latest in research

We treat our patients with the latest scientific advances and develop new, more effective and less aggressive therapies.

Design and comfort to humanise care

Paediatric facilities, private rooms and accompaniment to reduce the impact of disease and treatment on children and their families.

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Our professionals talk

Research is our driving force. It enables us to cure 80% of our cancer patients.

Jaume Mora Graupera

Paediatric oncologist

We have a 98.4% survival rate in patients who undergo cardiac surgery, one of the highest in Europe.

José María Caffarena Calvar

Pediatric cardiac surgeon

At our hospital, we have added and developed state-of-the-art technology specifically adapted to children's eyes.

Joan Prat Bartomeu

Paediatric ophthalmologist

We take care of you

We offer our patients and their families top class accommodation in order to reduce the impact of their hospital visit and aid in their recovery.

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About us

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is dedicated to comprehensive care for women, children and adolescents, and is one of the most important specialised paediatric centres in Europe.

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