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Helping families

Familia con un bebé ingresada en UCI del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Financial help

Travelling to hospital every day, staying away from home so you can be close to your admitted child, having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hospital every day, paying to repair hearing aids, buy new glasses or orthodontics which are important for health, or having to personally front costs not covered by the public health system. Having a sick child is not only has an emotional toll on families, changing their whole family dynamic, but it also involves a financial burden which can be very difficult to manage.

The Social Work team assesses each family's financial situation, and, thanks to generous donations, is able to offer support to those in the most difficult circumstances. 

Trabajador social atendiendo a un familiar en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

At-home patient care

Having a child with a severe chronic illness is complicated and draining. The Hospital wants to be there for families, providing them with professional help at home to evaluate their situation and help make their everyday life feel normal again. 

It also offers respite to parents, so that they can leave their children under expert supervision, and have some time to themselves.

Atención domiciliaria a una paciente del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

The Association Area

When a child is first diagnosed with a disease, it can be very helpful for families to turn to patient associations. They offer information, advice and support so you feel like your child is not alone. 

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital offers facilities where families can connect with relevant patient and family associations.

"Social workers, doctors and nurses are like angels that God has placed on our path"

Mary Macias mother of patient Darlin Santos

"We have received help to buy a standing frame for our house, which has enabled Iliana to stand up"

Rocío Herrera mother of the patient Iliana Sarmiento