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Infectious diseases
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Infectious diseases

HIV, hepatitis, meningitis, pneumonia and many more illnesses that are investigated at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital have one thing in common: they are infectious diseases. Some of them can be prevented with vaccinations, but if they are not diagnosed and treated on time, they can be fatal.

There is one particular infectious disease that has had a huge impact on the whole world, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which caused a worldwide pandemic in 2020. As a leading healthcare facility in pediatric research, the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital played, and continues to play today, a key role in the fight against COVID-19.

Main lines of investigation

Kids Corona: a platform to learn about COVID-19

Kids Corona is an open-access platform where researchers, healthcare professionals and regular citizens from all over the world can combine efforts to find out incidence, impact and transmission rates of COVID-19 in children and pregnant people.

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Our body is colonised by millions of microorganisms from birth. Some of them have a continuous symbiotic relationship with our skin, our digestive tract, our upper airways or with many other tissues in our body.

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Each year, 140,000 children around the world die from tuberculosis. Although we have had medications for decades to combat this disease, they come in tablet form, which many children struggle to take, making adjusting dosages for each patient much more difficult. That is why our researchers are working towards finding new formulae that are suitable for young patients.


Adolescents who contracted the HIV virus at birth from their HIV positive mother have spent years taking medication and must continue to do so for the rest of their lives. At the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, we are studying the long-term effects of these treatments.


There are other less-known viruses out there such as cytomegalovirus, which can have severe consequences for newborns if the mother contracts this virus during pregnancy. The most common is deafness. At the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, we work to detect these cases as early as possible, not only to prevent complications, but also to start treatment early and improve the quality of life of these children.