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Pet-assisted Interventions

We have good friends that help us in the children’s recovery process: namely the Hospital dogs. They cheer them up, stimulate them and help them to relax, and they often seem to understand babies and children better than adults. 

The Centre d’Activitats Assistides amb Cans [Dog-assisted Activity Centre] (CTAC), an organisation with more than 15 years of experience, and the professionals of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, work together to help hospitalised children to get better and to cheer them up. Dogs help us to reduce fear and sadness and motivate patients to take treatments that can be painful.

Bamba, Laika, Flash, Boby, Mel, Danza and the beloved Cuca, along with other members of the team, are the furry friends of our patients, who look forward to seeing them every day. Our dogs are selected and trained to do this job from the first few weeks of their life, and undergo strict health care protocols every four months.

The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is the first Hospital in Spain to have a Dog-assisted Intervention Unit. 

When and where are the dogs involved?

Pet-assisted intervention teams work on the wards, in the emergency room and in the outpatient department, and act on the request of professionals, since their presence reassures and distracts children at critical times, for example, during the placement of a line.

Pet-assisted interventions (in Catalan)