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What can your company do?

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An excellent way of gauging a company's commitment to society is looking at how it gets involved in the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents suffering from a disease. Here are several ways you can help support the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital as a business.

Become a donor business

If you have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budget and you want to allocate it to improving children's health, let us tell you about all of our projects that are not funded by public health and that are instead funded by donations. 

As well as the corresponding tax deduction, which will be processed by the Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu (SJD Charity Group), your business will be compensated according to the amount donated.

Programa Myroom

Get involved in our humanisation activities

With the Myroom program, your company can bring activities to life in one of our hospital rooms for an entire year. Find out about additional benefits.

Encourage social change and get your clients and employees involved

Clients and employees view involvement in social initiatives very positively, as with the hectic pace of life and lack of time, most people are unable to get involved on their own behalf. That is why:

  • You can encourage Teaming, a simple, easy way to raise funds and support a company-chosen cause. Employees are able to support one of our projects through a voluntary monthly donation of 1 Euro taken from their pay. The business forwards this donation to us, as well as their contribution, which will match the total contributed by employees.
  • You can encourage your employees to organise a charity event to raise money for the Hospital.
  • You can give a symbolic donation at the price of one of your products so that your clients can also get involved.

"As a master baker, and thanks to the new technologies that I have learned to exploit during the lockdown, we have reinvented ourselves by creating a very supportive community of followers to continue helping the brave little ones at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital.”

Daniel Jordà master baker and leader charity initiative

"We are proud to have collaborated with initiatives such as #Paralosvalientes or KidsCorona, through crowdfunding or matchfunding initiatives that have helped us to promote internal solidarity in hard times. We will continue to collaborate with the Hospital and learn in the future”

Osmar Polo CEO of T-System