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Educational Support


To avoid falling behind at school, we have nursery, primary and secondary school service for our admitted patients. This is called "La Magnòlia" and is open to patients between the ages of 3 and 16 (first year of pre-school to the final year of compulsory education). For those children who cannot make it to school, the teachers go their rooms. Contact place: Sector B5. Timetable: Monday to Friday, 10h am to 1h pm.

Private classes at home

Those children and adolescents who have problems attending school regularly owing to their treatment will receive a volunteer teacher at home, to help them continue their eduction from there. The “Cifras y Letras” (Numbers and Letters) programme is aimed at patients in Preschool and Advanced Secondary Education levels, to supplement the Department of Education's Service.

Mobile library

Through the mobile library service, we provide hospitalised patients with all types of stories, comics and books in their own rooms. A team of volunteers drive the library all round the Hospital, so no child is deprived of the pleasure of reading.