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Postgraduate training for specialists, simulation courses or talks and conferences for families. Check our training offer online or in classrooms

Teaching is one of the cornerstones of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital to society. The dissemination of knowledge gained through healthcare, research and innovation is intended to provide health professionals with the best technical and human skills.

We offer comprehensive training based on multidisciplinary work and on human and scientific values.

We are an Obstetrics and Paediatric Medicine training centre that is part of the Universitat de Barcelona (UB); one of Spain’s most prestigious universities in health-related studies. We also provide nursing training at the Sant Joan de Déu Teaching Campus, which belongs to the same university.

Our teachers are trained by specialists with a high degree of expertise and experience who participate in various teaching activities, such as Post-graduate and Master’s degrees, areas of specialisation and national and international student stays. Continued training is another of the backbones of our teaching commitment.

We offer

Internal Medicine Residence (IMR)

Our centre is accredited for the provision of Specialised Healthcare Training (SHT) in Paediatrics and Specific Areas, Paediatric Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Microbiology and Parasitology, Clinical Biochemistry and Hospital Pharmacy (HP).

Internal Resident Nurse (IRN)

We have positions for nursing professionals who are interested in receiving highly-specialised training in Paediatrics. We are the only IRN site in Catalonia that exclusively offers paediatric care and deals with highly complex cases.

Training placements or rotations

Resident doctors and specialists can do training placements at our site. The conditions and forms of application vary according to whether the health professionals are from Spain or abroad. Learn more about each itinerary.

SJD training activity

More than
trained professionals
Rotations and paediatric stays
students and sanitary staff
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annual training activities

Master's and university training

Our doctors lead various Master’s and post-graduate training courses in accredited training specialities, including Paediatrics, Paediatric Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Microbiology. We also train Medical students from the Universitat de Barcelona during their Pediatrics rotation  at our site.

Professional Training

The SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital offers the possibility of completing professional training with work placements in hospitals, focusing on various areas of technical specialisation such as nursing assistants, laboratory technicians, radiology and clinical documentation. The application window for positions in the 2019–2020 course is closed. For further information, email your enquiry to the Teaching Department.