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Teaching activities

Teaching activity is one of the cornerstones of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital’s commitment to society in order to spread the knowledge acquired through healthcare, research and innovation. The Hospital supports training with a view to maximising the competence of healthcare professionals, both technically and in terms of human values.

We have a great number of specialists in paediatric and obstetric care with a high level of expertise and experience that participate in different teaching activities.

Through training, we promote comprehensive care based on multidisciplinary work, in order to improve the health of patients.

Our bond with the University of Barcelona (UB), one of the most prestigious universities in Spain our in health-related studies, allows us to be its training centre in Paediatric and Obstetric Medicine.

We are a nursing training centre associated with the Campus Docente Sant Joan de Déu, a Nursing school attached to the UB. Our university faculty leads postgraduates in paediatric specialisation areas for students from home and abroad.

Our accredited training specialities are:

  • Paediatrics.
  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Clinical Biochemist.

Doctors and physicians from many non-paediatric specialities do rotations at our centre as part of their specialised training.

Education Sant Joan de Déu coordinates all the teaching activity at our Hospital and provides training in all the paediatric specialities. We use different methodologies based on the new information technologies in order to provide the best possible response to training needs.

Our Advanced Simulation Program heralds our commitment to teamwork training, the optimisation of healthcare spaces and the development of communication skills to bolster the efficacy and safety of clinical healthcare in the Hospital.

In a word, our teaching unit is organised to promote spreading the knowledge generated in a highly-specialised reference hospital for the training of professionals in our setting from both home and abroad.

Each year the Hospital helps to train more than 11,000 professionals, through formal education (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) and non-formal education. A total of 1,700 students and health professional complete rotations, placements and practices at our centre, and approximately 9,400 training activities are carried out in Education Sant Joan de Déu.