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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has been committed to innovation since 2009, when it created the Innovation Department. Its main objective was to provide an outlet for its professionals' innovative ideas, both healthcare-related and non-healthcare-related.

We have analysed more than 100 innovation projects and carried out more than 50, 35 of which remain active today. The main beneficiaries are patients.

In addition, we have collaborated with more than 100 Spanish and international companies from the healthcare industry and other industries in the economy. Currently, 44% of our projects are being carried out in collaboration with other companies.

Our mission is to transform excellence in research and clinical care into new products, services and processes that improve the patient experience and population health and reduce the cost per capita of providing healthcare services.


Do you have an idea that you believe could become a reality?

Contact us if:

  • You work, study or conduct research at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and you have a research idea or outcome that you believe may have commercial potential.
  • You are a parent or a person unaffiliated with the hospital and you have identified a potential solution to improve patient health.
  • You are an entrepreneur, start-up or company with an innovative product.

We will help you to develop these ideas or products, test them and turn them into outcomes. 

How can we help you from the Innovation Department?

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