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“They understood me and knew what I needed at each stage of the birth”

08 September 2017

Hospital In this video, two mothers who gave birth in different ways explain their experiences after giving birth at SJD Barcelona Children’s.

Ainhara was admitted to our hospital’s Women’s Department  determined to give birth to Aurélie naturally. She and her partner were mentally prepared and had decided that the dilation would take place in water. Following  her birth plan, Ainhara was deciding at each stage of the process what  she wanted to do, with the advice of the midwives and doctors.

Despite the fact that the process took almost 12 hours, Ainhara says that everything was just the way she had wanted. On seeing that the birth allowed for it, the obstetrics and gynaecology team was able to adapt to the needs of the future mother and the midwives supported her for hours, since Aurélie’s birth took longer than normal.

To tell the truth I was very frightened, but the  whole medical team reassured  me.

Ariana, however, had a different experience. Pregnant with twins, she gave birth at 30 weeks of gestation. When her water broke, they recommended that she come directly to SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, where the team explained to her how they were going to proceed.

The medical and nursing team helped Ariana overcome the complication of a premature birth: the babies, Biel and Nico, were born and admitted to the Neonatology unit. They were then discharged when our specialists considered it appropriate.