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Online second medical opinion

For families wishing to confirm a diagnosis or a treatment proposal without travelling

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital offers a private online medical consultation service to facilitate contact from home between the family and our first class medical team.

Leading international specialists in paediatrics and pregnancy from our hospital analyse the patient's medical history and all the tests and information provided in order to assess the case, issue a reasoned opinion and propose treatment options.

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, closer to you

Leading specialists

More than 600 professionals of all paediatric specialties trained at the best hospitals.

Advanced therapies

We treat our patients using the latest scientific advances and we develop new, more effective and less aggressive therapies.

Peace of mind and confidence

It has never been easier to confirm a diagnosis and make sure your treatment plan is the right one for you.

Without leaving your home

A flexible and inexpensive way to receive a medical consultation without having to travel, thereby saving time and money.

The online second opinion includes:

Review of medical reports

And all the relevant clinical documentation (blood tests, imaging tests performed), which must be sent prior to the consultation.

Visit by video consultation

To assess the case and its possible diagnosis, as well as to offer possible treatment alternatives.

Second opinion report

Prepared by one of our leading specialists, including a possible treatment for the patient's disease or condition.

The online second opinion does not include testing.

When there is no previous diagnosis or treatment proposal, an online initial medical consultation with our specialists can be requested.

We asked for a second opinion from pediatric neurosurgeons, and we are delighted that our son has had his surgery here
Patricia, mother of little Luis Carlos, who had a craniosynostosis that has been operated on by the Neurosurgery Service


How can I request an online second medical opinion?

It is very simple, you just need to fill in the online form on this page. It is important to send the patient's medical reports and the results of any relevant blood tests and imaging tests performed recently, in Spanish, Catalan or English, so that they can be reviewed by our specialists. 

If you do not have this documentation at the moment, fill in the form anyway and explain your case, and we will contact you.

What happens if my medical reports are not in English, Spanish or Catalan?

You will need to send the reports translated into Spanish, Catalan or English, to speed up the medical team's evaluation process. If you currently do not have them in any of these languages, fill in the form anyway and explain your case, and we will contact you.

Is this service available for all specialties?

Yes, an online second opinion or initial medical consultation can be requested for all specialties, including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Can I choose the doctor I want to provide the online second opinion?

Yes, our medical team has more than 600 specialists at your service.

How soon after the request will I receive the online second opinion?

The online second opinion or initial medical consultation will be scheduled as of 48 hours after payment of the fee.

Who can request an online second opinion?

For minors, the parents or legal guardians can request an online medical consultation.

What technological resources do I need to take part in a video consultation?

All you need is an Internet-enabled device (PC, tablet, smartphone) with a working camera and microphone. The video consultation will be conducted over the program Zoom, through a corporate licence with a secure line.

Can I schedule a follow-up appointment with the same specialist who saw me in the online medical consultation?

Yes. If you wish, you can schedule a new follow-up consultation with the same specialist, either online or face-to-face.

How much does the online medical consultation cost?

The cost for the online appointment varies depending on whether it is an online initial medical consultation or an online second opinion. You can fill in the application form with your details so that we can assess your case and inform you of the price.

Does my health insurance cover the cost of the online second opinion?

Carefully check the conditions of your health insurance policy and check with your insurance company to confirm that the online medical consultation or online second opinion at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu is covered by your health insurance.

If your insurance company does not have a collaboration agreement with our hospital but does cover the second opinion service, you can fill in the form on this page indicating your case and we will contact your company directly to make the necessary arrangements and provide you with the service.

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