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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

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Detalle del laboratorio de microscopía confocal del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

The SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital’s Confocal Microscopy Unit provides services for researchers in any discipline, including biomedicine, microbiology and even biomaterials, for reasearches that require the use of new technologies in the field of confocal and super-resolution microscopy.

Our team is also available for diagnosis of any disease, helping pathologists and geneticists on the path to diagnosis. This is especially relevant in the field of rare diseases, which are generally complicated to diagnose.

The unit’s facilities are available to researchers from businesses and public and private institutions, including those belonging to the SJD Research Institute and the hospital itself.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art, including advanced optical microscopy systems, sample preparation and maintenance equipment, and image and data processing resources. We also provide confocal nanoscopy, which enables us to substantially improve the resolution of confocal microscopy, allowing individual structures inside cells to be visualised with a resolution of up to 60 nanometres.

"Our close collaboration with Anatomical Pathology and the hospital’s Biobank makes this an unmatched setting for the study of cell biology and the pathology and aetiopathology of diseases"

Mònica Roldán Molina Head of the Confocal Microscopy Unit

The Confocal Microscopy Unit is part of the Genetic and Molecular Medicine DepartmentDaniel Bravo Centre for diagnosis and research in minority diseases and the Institute for Rare Childhood Disorders (IPER).

We assist you throughout the process

  • We assess you or prepare your samples in the optimum way to ensure you can study them with guarantees.
  • Feel free to ask us about the techniques and equipment we use to obtain the best results.
  • We will be with you to answer any questions when your samples are under the microscope.
  • You have the option of using our equipment unaccompanied in case you demostrate experience in the field.

Technical features


Our staff will help you in the use of our equipment or you can use it independently if you have the necessary knowledge.

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Microscopy tecniques

Check the various techniques that we can offer you for the study of samples.

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Sample preparation

Obtaining good results requires good sample preparation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Passeig Sant Joan de Déu, 2, 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat

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