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Veronica Paola Celis Passini


Expert in

Pediatric lymphomas Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin, Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis, vascular tumors

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English, Spanish and Catalan

I have been a pediatric hematologist-oncologist since 2009. My main interest is in patients with pediatric lymphomas, Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis and vascular tumors. Among my objectives is that of optimising treatments to improve the overall survival of these patients by reducing toxicity, incorporating therapeutic targets into the updated schemes, and sharing the results obtained. 

My academic and clinical training began at Hospital Garrahan in Buenos Aires, a national reference hospital in pediatric hematology-oncology, where I worked for 4 years. The training continued with a fellowship at the Fundación Leo Messi [Leo Messi Foundation], and, finally, two years in the area of pediatric oncology at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital. 


  • Fellowship program in Paediatric Oncology, granted by the Fundación Leo Messi, at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital.
  • Further training scholarship in paediatric oncology at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital for the study of biological factors that determine prognosis in neuroblastoma.
  • National Scholarship in Paediatric Oncology in solid tumours, Hospital Garrahan, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
  • Paediatric Haematology-oncology residency, Hospital Nacional Juan P. Garrahan, Buenos Aires (Argentina).
  • Paediatric residency, in the Hospital Niño Jesús in the province of Tucumán, residency certified by the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán and by the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic.
  • Degree in Medicine from the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina.

Scientific activity

  • Research project: Lymphomas in children and young adults: Impact of genetic and molecular alterations in the classification and stratification of patients (Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica [Clinic Foundation for Biomedical Research], 01/12/2017 - 30/11/2020).
  • Member of the Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Group of the Sociedad Española de Hematología y Oncología Pediátricas (Spanish Society of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology - SEHOP).
  • Member of the non-Hodgkin lymphoma group of the SEHOP since 2016.
  • Member of the vascular malformations group of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital.
  • Burkitt-like lymphoma with 11q aberration: A germinal center derived lymphoma genetically unrelated to Burkitt lymphoma. Gonzalez-Farre B, Ramis-Zaldivar J, Salmeron-Villalobos J, Balagué O, Celis V, Verdu-Amoros J, Nadeu F, Sábado C, et al.
  • Sirolimus as an alternative treatment in patients with granulomatous-lymphocytic lung disease and humoral immunodeficiency with impaired regulatory T cells. Deyà-Martínez A, Esteve-Solé A, Vélez-Tirado N, Celis V, Costa J, Cols M, Jou C, et al.
  • Demodicosis in two patients with a previous history of Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Álvarez-Salafranca, Vicente A, Prat Torres C, Combalia A, Monsonís M, Celis-Passini V, González-Enseñat M.
  • Langerhans cell histiocytosis presenting as fingernail changes. Figueras-Nart I, Vicente A, Sánchez-Schmidt J, Jou-Muñoz C, Bordas-Orpinell X, Celis-Passini V, Cruz-Martínez O, González-Ensenyat MA.

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