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Anatomical Pathology: what makes us different

We have extensive experience in paediatric and women's diseases

  • Our highly specialised paediatric disease professionals focus on diseases that occur exclusively or predominantly in the early stages of life. Some diseases have a similar morphology in children and adults, but the criteria for their diagnosis are often different for each age group. We also study diseases that can affect adolescents in their transition to adulthood and we train future national and international pathologists in this specialty.
  • We have extensive experience in maternal-fetal and gynaecological diseases. We are specialists in the diagnosis of the physiological and pathological processes that affect women during gestation and in other stages of the life.

We contribute to the progress of research

  • Through the Biobank of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital (BHISJDI),  one of the few in Europe dedicated exclusively to paediatric samples. The close relationship between the Anatomical Pathology Department and the Biobank ensures the optimal use of surgical samples for diagnosis and world-class research. BHISJDI safeguards and manages more than 6,000 biological samples and is part of the National Network of Biobanks and the Tumour Bank Network of Catalunya
  • We work closely with the clinical departments and other diagnostic areas of the Hospital to offer the best possible care to paediatric patients. This close collaboration ensures the efficient integration of all relevant clinical information for a final diagnosis of the highest quality.

We offer personalised treatments and a commitment to quality

  • We work together with faculties of other specialties in the detection of possible therapeutic targets, the basis of personalised medicine. In some diseases, anatomopathological diagnoses combined with the prediction of response to specific treatments allow us to establish the most suitable and effective treatment and follow-up plan.
  • All Department Staff works under strict quality management systems and implement the policies and procedures. We comply with the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 15189. In addition, we have state-of-the-art technical equipment and share technological resources with the Hospital Clinic.