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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is a center of national and international reference in maternal-fetal medicine in collaboration with the Clinic

BCNatal encompasses the Women's Area (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and Neonatology of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital. We work for the health of the mother and the baby from the mother's womb in collaboration with Hospital Clínic, that allows us to offer a Fetal Medicine service that attends situations of high complexity.

BCNatal offers women comprehensive, state-of-the-art care in the field of obstetrics and fetal disease. It is also the number-one maternity ward in Catalonia in terms of number of births, with 6,500 births per year. It is supplemented with one of the best Neonatology and Newborn Intensive Care units in Europe and with prestigious specialists from the different branches of paediatric medicine and surgery.

The consortium formed by the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and Hospital Clínic is a reference in the attention to mothers and babies and when there are fetal complications. The coordinated assistance network allows to respond to these situations quickly and safely.

Quality indicators

Low-risk cesarean rate
Episiotomy rate

In the event of a new pregnancy, more than 90% of mothers who have had their babies with us answer that they would repeat at BCNatal.

Depending on the different characteristics and history of each pregnancy and any diseases or complications that may arise, we classify the pregnancy according to one of the following degrees of risk: low, medium, high or very high. In our Pregnancy Guide (in Spanish), you will find the information you need on pregnancy.

In Gynaecology, we offer comprehensive, high-quality care to women in the field of uterine, breast and adnexal disease, as well as in Gynaecological Oncology, pelvic floor disease, Endocrinology and problems related to reproduction.

We perform more than 4,900 surgical operations on women with gynaecological problems each year. We are a leading department in care for gynaecological problems in adolescents, through a multidisciplinary unit with gynaecologists, endocrinologists and other paediatric specialists.

In Fetal Surgery, we are a leading centre in Spain, accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Health (CSUR). Performing 100 fetal surgeries in 2019, we are responsible for 80% of fetal surgery performed throughout Spain.

We have an experienced team, headed by Dr Eduard Gratacós, with a high level of specialisation in Fetal Medicine, which ensures complete and safe care for both the fetus and the mother. We receive more than 3,000 cases per year and carry out more than 12,000 highly complex ultrasound scans. At present, with more than 1,600 fetal operations performed, we are one of the most cumulatively experienced centres in the world.

MARE programme (Maternity Respected)

Our birth care model takes the form of the MARE Programme (Maternity Respected) programme, which aims to meet the expectations of pregnant women in a safe environment for the mother and the baby, and which allows prompt and, if needed, highly specialised care.