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Day Hospital

We offer treatment on an outpatient basis to children who require it without having to be admitted or separated from their family environment.

At the paediatric Day Hospital, we care for patients from different specialties in a single dedicated space. The aim is for children to receive outpatient treatment during the day without needing to be admitted and to return home when treatment has been completed. The space is divided into two areas: treatments, which are administered in the Day Hospital and the haemodialysis unit, and exploratory tests under sedation or Special Techniques Area (ATE).

At SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, we care for more than 1,500 patients each year, to whom we administer more than 10,500 treatments. We mainly receive Oncology and Haematology patients whose chemotherapy treatments last several hours. The Day Hospital also treats patients with rheumatological problems, kidney failure or other chronic diseases. The space is equipped with cubicles to perform tolerance and immunoallergy tests.

Operation of the Day Hospital

Since different types of treatment, tests and even outpatient surgery are performed, we ask that you take into account the instructions that the staff of the Day Hospital give you before you arrive. In some cases, you should consider whether it is necessary for the child to be fasting and the requirements for the procedure to be performed.

IMPORTANT: If for some reason you cannot attend the scheduled appointment, please call +34 93 253 21 14 to let us know and schedule another day.

Our facilities

  • 23 beds of which 10 are for Oncohaematology, 5 multi-purpose hospital beds, 6 for oral controlled exposure to food and medicines and 2 beds and armchairs in the Haemodialysis Unit.
  • 2 isolation chambers with positive and negative pressure based on the patients' needs (immunosuppressed or infectious).
  • 3 offices for multi-purpose outpatient consultations to treat patients from the different specialties.
  • 850 square metres with several play areas.
  • Family zone with coffee maker and microwave, which can only be used by the children and family members admitted to the Day Hospital.

Special Techniques Area (ATE)

The Special Techniques Area (ATE) is located in the Day Hospital at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital. In this space, several types of procedure are performed under anaesthesia for patients who in most cases do not require admission, such as outpatient interventions, diagnostic tests and some types of treatment. Admitted children are also cared for.

The space consists of four armchairs in which patients are prepared before the procedure, two operating rooms (ATE 2 and ATE 3) and a resuscitation area. This space is also where children and their families spend the observation period until they are discharged. Families (up to a maximum of two people) may accompany patients who are admitted for a few hours, and one person is also allowed to accompany the child to the operating room until the patient sleeps. However, sedation is not necessary in all cases. The most common specialties and procedures include:

  • Gastroenterology: liver biopsies, endoscopy, etc.
  • Dentistry: pulpotomy, extractions, etc.
  • Pulmonology and Otorhinolaryngology: bronchoscopies and assessments of the airways.
  • Oncology and Haematology: punctures, diagnostic tests, administration of drugs, etc.
  • Nephrology: kidney biopsies.
  • Rehabilitation: injections of various types.