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Clinical Research: our professionals

The professionals at the Clinical Research Unit of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital accompany patients and their families through the entire clinical trial process, assessing them and resolving any questions that may arise.

Likewise, they advise the investigators and perform management activities required to conduct the trials (legal and regulatory procedures, sample extractions, administration of treatments and data entry), with a “single window” approach.

We have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals, trained in Good Clinical Practice.


  • Joana Claverol Torres, Unit Coordinator.
  • Alba Murciano, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital Pharmacy.
  • Joan Vinent, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital Pharmacy.
  • Marta Cubells, research nurse.
  • Cristina Llanos, research nurse.
  • Mari Molero, research nurse.
  • Marta Sánchez, research nurse.
  • Laura Solé, research nurse.
  • Sandra López, research nurse.
  • Ainhoa Andueza, project manager.
  • Rosa Morales, financial management.