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Clinical Research: what makes us different

We are the only paediatric unit in Spain that includes all the specialities and we are leaders at a state-wide level. This enables us to have a higher volume of patients and trials and therefore our results are very representative.

Since 2012 we have doubled the number of clinical trials in which we participate. We are currently involved in almost 150 trials in more than 30 research fields, which is a remarkable number in the paediatric setting

We have a centralised coordination and management model of trials and studies, with both our own and external sponsors. This enables us to provide more effective advice in the conduct of non-commercial clinical trials and to facilitate a single point of contact to external trials sponsors thus centralising management.

Our team is composed of specialists in clinical research who are fully dedicated. We have facilities that are specially designed to accommodate patients and families who participate in clinical innovations and trials. This enables us to provide a more personal service throughout the process and to give you all the support you need.

Children are not small adults and they deserve to be treated and cured with effective, safe drugs when they are sick. This is why paediatric clinical trials are necessary.
Joan Claverol Torres, coordinator of the Clinical Research Unit

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