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Concepción Agustín Mata

Concepción Agustín Mata

Spanish and Catalan
Paediatric nurse
Expert in:
Patient quality and safety, the detection of needs and identification of safety risks, design of improvement actions for offering excellence in care.

Spanish and Catalan
From 1992 to 2010 I honed my skills as a nurse in hospitalisation units. Since 2010, I have been a member of the Nursing Development Unit, being the reference nurse in the Quality and patient safety area. From 1997 to 2010, I was the supervising nurse for the night shift. From 2010 to the present, I have been on call as chief nurse at weekends and on public holidays. "The difference between a good day and a bad one is your attitude: Just laugh and enjoy each moment and each person."


  • Specialisation course in Quality and Patient Safety given by the UCF (Unión Consorcio Formación - Training Consortium Union). Government of Catalonia. Consortium for ongoing training in Catalonia, 2013
  • Official Master's degree in Information and Knowledge Management in the Healthcare Setting, Gimbernat & Tomàs Cerdà University Schools - Affiliated with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2012. 
  • Degree in Psychology. Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1998.
  • Degree in Nursing from the Sant Joan de Déu-Barcelona School of Nursing - affiliated with the University of Barcelona, 1992

Scientific activity

Individual research:

  • Study: Reduction of pre-operative anxiety among the paediatric population through an intervention based on the game: “Mascarilla amiga”.
  • Study: Open doors in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit: Experience of families on discharge
  • Study: Minimising pain and anxiety prior to routine invasive and non-invasive procedures employing the “Distraction kit”.


  • Collaborating Lecturer, School of Nursing, University of Barcelona, since 2015.
  • Collaborating Lecturer, Sant Joan de Déu University School of Nursing, affiliated with the University of Barcelona since 1999.