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Intercultural Mediation

We bring people from different cultures together.

If you have language difficulties or there are certain cultural aspects that you do not understand when you are in the Hospital, our Intercultural Mediation Service will be there to help you.

We have a professional, Khadija Abdelhadi, who takes care of language needs, and facilitates contact between the Hospital’s clinical or administrative personnel and families from other cultures.

Different cultures understand disease in a different way, depending on their customs, traditions, experiences, etc. The Service’s work mainly targets the Arab and Muslim community, although we also coordinate the participation of other language or cultural mediators from Central Europe, Asia, etc.

How can we help you from Intercultural Mediation Service?

Khadija Abdelhadi

Espai Famílies, sector C2
+34 93 253 21 00 Extension 73346
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