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International Pediatric Forum

The experience and knowledge of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital at the service of other healthcare centres

For more than 10 years, SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital has been sharing its knowledge with other healthcare organisations around the world to help strengthen their local capacities and improve the maternal and infant healthcare they offer, especially in children with complex diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and other potentially fatal illnesses.

The International Pediatric Forum programme aims to improve the health of babies, children and young people irrespective of from where they live. 

Our areas of expertise

To improve healthcare systems and to have a global impact on healthcare provision for pediatric patients we focus on four areas.

Hospital management support

Personalised consulting in the areas of clinical and operational management, in the development of new units, healthcare models and the development of new healthcare provision projects.

Training of professionals

Personalised training programmes and formal online or in-class training programmes, for doctors, nurses and non-healthcare professionals.

Clinical support and complex case resolution

Support to local hospital departments and referral of patients, when management and follow-up of the case is required.

Research programmes

Collaboration with our associated institutions in research projects and clinical trials at an international level in the field of pediatric diseases.

We combine scientific capacity in genomics and bioinformatics with experience and knowledge regarding specific genetic alterations and the clinical context of pediatric solid tumours. Thus, we study the different genetic and epigenetic alterations associated with the clinical and pathological behaviours of paediatric tumours, with the aim of identifying new biomarkers and therapeutic targets that allow advances in the treatment and clinical management of patients, in collaboration with associated international centres.
Cinzia Lavarino, Coordinator of the Translational Genomic Research Group of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital Research Institute (IRSJD)
By means of fortnightly telemedicine sessions, specialists from SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital give our point of view on the cases being treated by our colleagues in Hospital King Faisal de Kigali (Ruanda) and we provide them with the tools that we possess in Barcelona. The relationship with the team, which is comprised of good doctors, is magnificent.
Vicky Fumadó, Coordinator of International Cooperation and of the Infectious Diseases and Imported Pathology Unit of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital

We provide consulting in hospital management

Clinical management support

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital offers its collaborators support in the development of new healthcare initiatives from the clinical point of view: development and formalisation of clinical protocols, introduction of new processes or healthcare units and the introduction of new healthcare provision models for patients.

Operational management support

We offer support in the analysis, design and assessment of healthcare projects from the management point of view: functional plans and development of new healthcare centres, support for hospital management and consulting for the improvement of efficacy and operations.

Our training programmes for professionals

Personalised training for professionals

We organise residential training in our highly specialised clinical departments: Observerships (from 1 to 4 weeks), training fellowships (from 1 to 6 months) and Fellowships (more than 1 year).

Complementary continuous training

The training of professionals is essential throughout a professional’s career in order to develop new skills and update their clinical practice, following the latest advances in pediatrics. We offer our collaborators continuous in-class or online training, advanced simulation training and ad-hoc programmes in Nursing and Medicine.

Clinical support and complex case resolution

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital supports other healthcare centres in the care of complex pediatric patients through the following actions.

Regular, telematic connection to clinical sessions

Medical inter-consultation by telemedicine

The carrying out of diagnostic studies

Genomics programme

Tele-monitoring of patients

Second opinions

Resolution of complex cases in place/site visits

Referral of complex patients

20 collaborating healthcare centres in 12 countries

The following have participated in the International Pediatric Forum

Thanks to the Fundación Leo Messi I was able to access residential training in SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, which enabled me to receive highly specialised training in pediatric oncology, become familiar with top-level research studies and go back to my country with a vast amount of knowledge that I could apply in my daily practice
Victoria Sobrero, pediatrician, specialist in child hematology and oncology, Hospital Austral, Argentina.


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