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Jaume Català Mora

Jaume Català Mora, ophtalmologist SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Jaume Català Mora

Spanish, Catalan, English and French
Paediatric ophthalmologist
Expert in:
Anterior and posterior Segment Surgery. Paediatric Ophthalmology. Clinical and medical retina. Retina surgical and vitreous.

Spanish, Catalan, English and French

I am currently working as an ophthalmologist at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital. I am a member of the Catalan, Valencian and Balearic Ophthalmology Societies, of the Spanish Retina and Vitreous Society and of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. I have published over seventy communications in different national and international congresses, and I have had numerous articles published in top-level specialised scientific journals.


  • Specialist in Ophthalmology, Bellvitge University Hospital, 2002.
  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery. University of Navarra, 1997.

International experience

  • Observership Devers Eye Institute. Portland, Oregon (USA), 2007.
  • Observership Casey Eye Institute, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), 2007.
  • Observership Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, 2002.
  • Ophthalmologist Rotation, Centre Hospitalier Toulouse-Rangell (France), 1995.

Scientific activity

  • Author of over 70 national and international papers in conferences of:
    • Catalan, Spanish and Aragonese Ophthalmology societies, Spanish Strabology Society, Spanish Retina and Vitreous Society, Spanish Uveitis Multicentre Group.
    • European Paediatric Ophthalmological Society, Euretina, European VitreoRetinal Society, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), American Society of Retina Specialists, World Congress of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus…
  • Collaborator on the official paper of the Spanish Ophthalmology Society 2002, Optical neuropathies: diagnosis and treatment. Jorge Arruga Ginebreda and Bernardo Sánchez Dalmau.
  • Author of numerous articles published in national and international specialized scientific journals.
  • Member of the editorial board of the journal Annals d’Oftalmologia.

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