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Conditions and licence for use of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital app

The terms and conditions indicated below regulate the access and use of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital application (hereinafter the “App”), as well as the conditions under which this licence for use (hereinafter “licence for use”) is granted.

The current wording of these terms and conditions is available to the user (hereinafter the “user”) and must be read and accepted during the procedure of downloading and installing the App.

1. Legal Disclaimer

The SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is the owner of the App, holds all the exploitation rights of the same and, therefore, has the ability to allow the user to download and use the App. The administrator of this App is:

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Spanish Tax ID No.: R5800645C
Address: Passeig Sant Joan de Déu, 2 – 08950 - Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 253 21 00

2. Conditions of access to the App

Access is made through the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital App.

3. Licence for use and intellectual property

By accepting these conditions, SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital grants the user a licence for use, in order to install the App on his/her mobile device (mobile phone and tablet).

The intellectual property and industrial rights on the App, including the graphic design, contents and databases that they comprise, correspond to SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, as a result of being owned thereby or holding the necessary licences.

The licence for use is limited and not exclusive, and the user, under no circumstances, may:

  1. Transfer rights, sublicense, lease, distribute or grant rights of any kind to third parties regarding the given licence for use.
  2. Make or allow any amendment, translate, decompile or carry out any kind of reverse engineering.
  3. Delete, hide or alter any disclaimer relating to the copyright or intellectual property of the App.
  4. Use the App for other purposes different to the services offered.

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital reserves the right to make necessary changes and improvements to the App, in which case the necessary updates will be made available to the user. It is recommended for the user to keep the application updated.

4. Brands and trade names

Any use of brands, trade names, domain names or any sign different from SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital contained in the App, including the name and graphic itself through which the same is identified, is prohibited.

5. Access to functions and runtime permissions

The App will ask the user for permissions upon request, i.e., it does not require prior configuration and each time the App requests access to certain functions of the mobile device (such as geolocation or access to documents to download or share information or images via the App), it will ask for permission, indicating the reason and description of use.

The App may be adapted or have call functions. Therefore, for the provision of said services, the App must have access to the call functionality of your mobile device.

6. Conditions of use of the App

These conditions for use of the App will regulate the use of the same, without prejudice of the conditions to which each of the services of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is subject, which the user may access via the App.

The use of the App requires its installation on a compatible mobile device and Internet access, as well as a compatible operating system: iOS (minimum version iOS 9) or Android (minimum version Kit Kat 4.4). The App may require the user to update said software or operating system so that the performance of the same is not affected. 

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital guarantees the safety of the App and of the services which can be accessed via the same. Regarding access passwords to the services, the user will be solely responsible for their custody, use and introduction of the same on the App. In addition, the user will be solely responsible for the safety, use and custody of the mobile device on which the App is installed.

7. Warnings of use of the App

The SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital App allows access from mobile devices to useful tools to facilitate contact with the Hospital. Is has a public area with tools for direct access when the App is opened, in addition to a private area: the Patient Portal.

Public area

 Downloading the App permits access to the following services:

  • Portal Faros. Advice on children’s health and healthy living habits.
  • Hospital Map. Enables easy location of a room, the external consultations of a service and different buildings of the hospital.
  • Services and opening times. Information on the useful services available to patients and companions: cafeteria, car park, play areas, etc.
  • Contact and social networks.
  • Collaborate with us. Information on the ways of collaborating with the Hospital. 
  • International services. Responses to FAQs.
  • Websites and apps. A selection of thematic portals and recommended apps. 
  • Events calendar. 

Private area - Patient portal

Patients of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital who are discharged on the Patient Portal can safely communicate with their clinical team, and access the following services:

  • Appointments calendar. Calendar of scheduled appointments with specialists at the Hospital.
  • Health information. Access to health information shared by the Hospital or a professional.
  • Documentation and Reports. Consult clinical reports and documentation.
  • Contact. Possibility of communication with a leading clinical professional.
  • Questionnaires. Possibility of answering safety questionnaires on the patient’s state of health.

8. Responsibility

The App is provided in its current state of development and provides the functionalities available at any time, always adapted to the services offered via the same. Therefore, the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital guarantees only and exclusively the suitability of the App for the services offered and for the platform or operating systems for which it has been developed.

The SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital under no circumstances guarantees the availability of the services offered via the App, with their access depending on circumstances outside of its control and the App itself, such as the availability or the proper functioning of the terminal device on which the App is installed or the telecommunications networks of the supplier contracted by the user. Thus, the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital under no circumstances will be responsible for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability, accessibility and functioning of the services offered when this is due to the reasons listed above.

The SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital does not assume any commitment of ongoing maintenance or continuity of the App. Therefore, at any time, it may be replaced or removed, without any obligation or responsibility with regards the user.

9. Modification

These conditions and licence for use may be modified by the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital at any time, with no need for prior notice or notification to the user. The new conditions will be valid from the time of their publication, so the user is recommended to regularly access and consult the same in order to be aware of the changes made.

These conditions and licence for use are governed by Spanish law.

Last updated: March 2019