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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is the only national reference centre for neurofibromatosis . We have a multidisciplinary unit for the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of this disease.

To detect a glioma-induced change in the optic nerve, different exploratory parameters are needed. In this regard we have all kinds of visual function testing, testing to estimate a child's visual field, pupillography and imaging techniques (retinography, OCT, MRI) that allow us to diagnose optic nerve glioma early on.

We follow and improve on the protocols of the European Neurofibromatosis Association

If an orbital tumour needs to be removed because of its excessive size, we use transconjunctival orbital approaches, with no need for a craniotomy.

In exceptional cases, a transocular-approach orbitotomy helps to remove the tumour and the affected eye, placing a prosthesis during the same surgical procedure.