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Omar Rodríguez Forner

Omar Rodríguez Forner, nurse SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Omar Rodríguez Forner

Spanish, Catalan and English
Paediatric nurse
Expert in:
Paediatric treatment and healthcare in emergencies. Haematology and Oncology
Head nurse at the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

Spanish, Catalan and English

In 2002 I started working as an orderly in the Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital, then as an auxiliary nurse.  A little while later, I completed the diploma and started my professional career as an assistant nurse, providing care to paediatric patients in the A&E department, the Paediatric Intensive Care unit and the Haemato-Oncology unit. I specialised in Nursing Care for paediatric patients.  For the last few years I have been undergoing management training and I am the head nurse in the Critical Care unit. I have also gained knowledge and experience in paediatric emergency triage. As a paediatric nurse I am proud to be able to dedicate myself to achieving the highest-quality care possible for patients and their family every day. 


  • Diploma in Nursing. Sant Joan de Déu University School of Nursing, 2003.
  • Post-graduate degree in Paediatric Nursing. Sant Joan de Déu University School of Nursing, 2004.
  • Postgraduate degree in “Critical Paediatric Care". Sant Joan de Déu University School of Nursing, 2006.
  • Master’s degree in “Oncological Care". University of Barcelona, 2013.
  • Specialising in Paediatric Nursing, 2015.
  • Master in Leadership and Management of Nursing Services , in progress. University of Barcelona. 

Scientific activity

  • Consolidated research groups.
  • Non-consolidated research groups.
  • Individual research.


  • Associate Professor at the Sant Joan de Déu University School of Nursing.