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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, with tax identification number (NIF) R5800645C, is legally a religious entity that enjoys its own legal/civil personality and is registered in the Spanish Ministry of Justice Registry of Religious Entities with the number 006838. 

As a charitable/social religious institution, it is a non-profit entity included in Section 1 of the ninth additional provision of Law 49/2002, of 23 December, on the system of taxation of non-profit entities and of tax incentives for sponsorship.

Penal Risk Prevention

Moving forward in its commitment to carry out ethical management, the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God - Province of Aragón San Rafael (OHSJD), has developed an action plan on penal responsibility for which each of its centers and foundations has approved or soon will approve a Model of Penal Risk Prevention to detect and prevent the commission of crimes within their organizations and at the same time adapt to the latest reforms of the Criminal Code that have introduced the criminal liability regime of the entities.

A key element of this model, which is mandatory, is the Code of Conduct OHSJD. It contains the set of basic rules and principles of action that should guide the actions of individuals and companies that provide services or collaborate with the OHSJD. This code, as it could not be otherwise, develops principles already contained in the Code of Ethics and the Code of Good Governance of the OHSJD.

Among the different measures included in the aforementioned action plan there is the creation in each on the centers of a committee (called Control Body) responsible for supervising the correct implementation of the prevention model, as well as the start-up of an external channel of complaints through which you can report actions or omissions that may be considered criminal. You’ll find the access below.

Respect for patient rights

Concerning patient rights, our Institution respects and applies all regulations in force, including: