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Request for training stays for international professionals

This type of stay is addressed to specialists and residents who develop their professional activity abroad and must be authorized by the Ministry of Health.

This permit is granted only to active professionals and has a maximum duration of six months, extendable only in some cases. It is essential to inform yourself on the website of the Ministry about the regulations that regulate these stays and the required procedures before carrying out any management.

The Ministry of Health has reopened the training stays for foreign professionals. The period to apply to the Ministry will be from 20 March to 7 April. The Ministry will not accept applications beyond this period. These applications will refer to rotations or training stays that take place between 1 September 2022 and 28 February 2023. The information is available on the website of the Ministry of Health.


Those interested in a training stay at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital should send their application through the form on this website, which will be active from 14 to 24 March 2022.

Only applications for stays that are scheduled to take place during the six-month period authorised by the Ministry of Health (from 1 September 2022 to 28 February 2023) will be considered. For stays after 28 February 2023, we will inform in the future when the application can be made.

When making your request, you will have to indicate the date in which you wish to start and end the stay or rotation. Important: the fact that a specific date is available in the calendar does not necessarily mean that the request is accepted. The SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital will assess according to all the requests it receives and will give a response to each case. An attempt will be made to respond as soon as possible so that, if the request is denied, the professional has the option to send his request to another center.

Information and documentation to process in case of acceptance by the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital

Once accepted by our Hospital, you must apply online and send the documentation indicated on the website that you will find in this link within the established period (from 20 March to 7 April 2022).

The Ministry of Health will accept or deny the requests and will inform the applicant, at the same time that it will notify our center. Once you have received the authorization from the Ministry you must provide the documentation required by our center and that you will find published in the normative documents:

Location and instructions

The training or rotation will take place in the facilities of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. The first day of the formative stay or rotation, go to the Technical Secretariat of the Teaching Building, located on Floor 0 (Santa Rosa Street, number 39, 08950 of Barcelona); to manage the following administrative procedures before starting the stay:

  • Signature of the confidentiality document (LOPD - Organic Law on Data Protection).
  • Collection of the identification card.

Telephone of the Technical Secretariat: 00 34 93 253 21 19.

Contact email: [email protected]