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Request for training stays for national professionals

For any of the resident specialties, applications will be accepted for a period of 1 to 4 months. In the case of specialists, the period will be specified according to each case. The request must be made using the form. Once received, the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital will assess the request according to the teaching capacity and will give the timely response.

IMPORTANT: before completing the form, carefully read the regulations of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital.


When making your request, you will have to indicate the date in which you wish to start and end the stay or rotation. Take into account for this the calendar of availability of the service. In the form you will find the dates in which there is availability to make the training or rotation stay. Important: the fact that a specific date is available in the calendar does not necessarily mean that the request is accepted. The Sant Joan de Déu Hospital will assess according to all the requests it receives and will give a response to each case.

Training placements and rotations (national healthcare professionals)

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