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Secondary immunodeficiencies

We treat patients with immunodeficiencies caused by immunosuppressive or immunomodulator treatments, in the case of children who have received transplants.

We have a day hospital with highly specialised nurses, where we treat patients with immunodeficiency diseases of all kinds. We also rely on social workers who make sure that children and their families are given the full support they need. 

Our division is part of the functional clinical immunology unit, formed in collaboration with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona's Immunology Department, which offers patients the most specialised, cutting-edge and continuous care available, and facilitates referrals and transfers to adult hospitals when the time comes.

This cooperation includes the Immunotherapy Platform, where, as part of pioneering work in Spain, new treatments are being developed with immunomodulatory agents to treat cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders, amongst others.