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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital is part of 9 European reference networks for rare diseases

Thanks to these initiatives, the specialists and investigators at our hospital will be able to exchange anonymous information about patients, as well as all related scientific developments, with other European centres of excellence

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2 January 2017
Sant Joan de Déu's hemodynamic room.
Sant Joan de Déu's hemodynamic room.

The European reference networks for rare diseases (known as ERNs) have been set up in response to the European Commission’s initiative to improve communication between highly specialised health centres for certain rare diseases. The objective is to improve diagnosis and treatment and offer the highest quality of care.

Our healthcare professionals will participate in the European reference networks for complex diseases that affect children, which encompass cancers and tumours, epilepsy and cardiac, endocrine, neuromuscular and neurological diseases, as well as inherited metabolic disorders, skin disorders and hereditary cancer syndromes.

Our hospital also has 18 units with National Paediatric Reference Centre (CSUR) accreditation from Spain's Ministry of Health.