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SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital as a public service hospital

The SJD Barcelona Childre'ns Hospital provides assistance to society without exclusions thanks to the agreement with the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) and the Spanish National Health System.

Healthcare centres and departments, whatever their level, category or title, in order to be able to commence operation or in the event of any significant change, require administrative authorisation of operation and accreditation as an acute-care hospital. This recognition is given by the Health Department and granted by resolution by the Health Department's general manager of Healthcare Regulation, Planning and Resources.

Administrative authorisation gives permission to commence operation of a healthcare centre and authorise all the medical and nursing services and specialties provided and practised in that building.

Accreditation of healthcare centres is defined as a process by which a healthcare organisation is incorporated into an external verification system that evaluates the level of the organisation in relation to a set of pre-established benchmarks, agreed upon with experts and adapted to the region.

Accreditation certifies that a healthcare organisation has attained a certain level of quality and skill. To demonstrate it, this organisation receives a certificate issued by the Department of Health.

Accreditation indicates that a healthcare organisation has been found to have attained a level of quality higher than the standards that may be required for administrative authorisation of a healthcare centre. It is mandatory to be a provider for the Catalan Health Service and to work with private insurance companies.

SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital was reaccredited in 2014 by the Department of Health of the Regional Government of Catalonia, with a score for essential standards of 96.97%. This accreditation must be renewed every three years.