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SJD Barcelona Children´s Hospital

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Lidia Martínez Sánchez


Expert in

Pediatric Emergencies and Clinical Toxicology

You will find me at


Spanish, Catalan and English

I worked as a paediatric resident medical intern at the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital - Hospital Clínic Integrated Unit from 1998 to 2002. Attending physician at the Accident and Emergency Department of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital since May 2002. Since 2006, head of Research and Teaching in the field of Clinical Toxicology. Accreditation in Paediatric Emergencies from the Spanish Society of Paediatrics in November 2010. 


  • PhD in Medicine, University of Barcelona, 2015. Doctoral thesis: "Improving the quality of care of the poisoned paediatric patient through quality indicators".
  • Update sessions on Clinical Toxicology organised by the Emergency and Clinical Toxicology Department of Hospital Clínic. Barcelona, 2006 - 2017.
  • 9th course on "Non-Invasive Paediatric and Neonatal Ventilation in the Acute Patient". Barcelona, 2010.
  • 17th course on "Initial Care in Paediatric Trauma". Barcelona, 2007.
  • Instructor in "Paediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation". Barcelona, 2007.
  • Instructor in Structured Triage, Andorran triage model. Theory and practice workshop for training instructors on structured triage. Andorra, 2006.  

International experience

  • Teacher on the "Advanced Paediatric Life Support" (APLS) course, Pediatric Emergencies, American Academy of Pediatrics. College of physicians and surgeons in San José, Costa Rica, 2017.
  • Teacher on the "Advanced Pediatric Life Support" (APLS) course. Pediatric Emergencies, American Academy of Pediatrics. Acosta Ñu Children's Hospital. Asunción, Paraguay, 2014.
  • Speaker at the 3rd "Focus di Aggiornamento in Tossicologia Pediatrica". Naples, Italy, 2013.  

Scientific activity

  • Member of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital Research Institute (IR-SJD) since 2016. Lines of research: Influence of the environment on the well-being of children and adolescents.
  • Member of the Antidotes Working Group of the Catalan Pharmacy Society since 2013. Participation in the creation of the Catalan Antidote Network.
  • Member of the Toxicology Working Group of the Catalan Society of Accident and Emergency Medicine since 2012. Coordinator behind the creation of the paediatric "CodiTox", a protocol for action in the event of poisoning.
  • Member of the Poisons Working Group of the Spanish Society of Paediatric Emergencies since 2008. Participation in the group's research work.
  • Coordinator behind the creation and review of the "Quality Indicators in Paediatric Poisoning" (2010 - 2017), within the Poisons Working Group of the Spanish Society of Paediatric Emergencies.
  • Member of the Hospital Toxicology Surveillance Network of the Spanish Clinical Toxicology Foundation, since 2012.

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  • American Academy of Pediatrics course on "Advanced Pediatric Life Support" (APLS). Spanish Society of Paediatric Emergencies, since 2008.
  • Theory and practice course on "Paediatric Emergencies". SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, University of Barcelona, since 2010.
  • Master's Degree in "Nursing Care in Childhood and Adolescence". University School of Nursing, SJD Teaching Campus. University of Barcelona, since 2011.
  • Course on "Advanced Neonatal and Paediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation". SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, University of Barcelona, since 2012.
  • Doctoral course and continuing education on "Clinical Toxicology". Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital. Institute of Medical Studies, since 2014.  

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