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We are responsible for ensuring compliance with patients' legally granted rights and responsibilities and for patients, family members, professionals and associations receiving comprehensive care based on the principles of safety and justice, in accordance with the mission, vision and values of SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital. These are based on the values that are central to the Identity Charter of Hospitaller Order: openness, hospitality, respect, capacity for listening and dialogue, attitude of service, simplicity and confidentiality (intimacy, privacy and trust).

Seven ways to help you

  1. We respond to information needs with respect to matters of hospital organisation, general matters and internal and external circuits while always endeavouring to simplify and facilitate procedures relevant to patients and family members.
  2. We promote and spread awareness of citizens' rights and responsibilities and ensure compliance with them.
  3. We encourage and drive activities and actions directed at attaining these rights and in implementing measures that improve our services.
  4. We foster communication between patients, professionals and the institution
  5. We act as a binding element between patients and family members on the one hand and professionals from the centre on the other hand, as well as for the centre's internal organisation.
  6. We work on the improvement of the patient experience. This records and analyses the opinions of patients and their families so that they are taken into account on a priority basis in centre management and incorporated into improvement projects. 
  7. We have sheets/forms for complaints, suggestions and appreciation, and prepare surveys to learn about their experiences.

Marisa Serra Alacid / Eva Gargallo

Opening hours
Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 3 pm.
Espai Famílies, Sector C2
+34 93 253 21 48
+34 93 203 39 59
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