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What makes us different

Treating and Caring: these two simple words define what SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital in Barcelona is all about

We help people get better

Cirujano del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

The activity and high degree of specialisation at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital makes it one of the most important hospitals in Europe that treats mothers, children and young people. Our Hospital treats more children and young people in Spain than any other, and we are the leading hospital in our geographic area (Barcelona izquierda, Baix Llobregat, Alt Penedès and Garraf). 

We provide patients with comprehensive care, especially patients with complex diseases. Together with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, we are one of the most recognised hospital groups in Spain in the field of management, care and innovation.

We have partnerships with paediatric hospitals around the world to cooperate on issues of care, training and research, and we are members of the European Children’s Hospital Organisation (ECHO) and the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services.

Each year, the Hospital records more than 25,000 hospital admissions and major outpatient operations, about 238,000 outpatient visits and 122,000 emergency-room cases. This is large-scale and complex work that gives us vast experience in treating our patients.

We care

Enfermera y paciente en el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

We think that the best way to care for children, young people and mothers is to make the family part of the cure.

We take a human-centred approach to caring for children and their families by incorporating methods to minimise pain, reduce emotional impact and improve the experience of hospitalisation or healthcare.

Helping them relax, making them laugh, comforting them, spending time with them, offering sympathy, connecting with them, passing on information... These are the challenges we face to give our patients the best possible experience while in hospital. 

We rely on non-health professionals who are specially trained to work in hospital settings, as well as on a team of more than 400 volunteers who work with our health professionals to make a stay at SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital as easy as possible for families.

Our Hospital supports and promotes compliance with the European Charter for the Rights of Children in Hospital, as well as our Charter of rights and duties in relation to health and healthcare, the principles of which are integrated into every medical and healthcare act we carry out.

In Barcelona, a leading women's and children's hospital in Europe