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Palliative Care

Alleviating suffering and ensuring the quality of life of children suffering from serious, life-threatening diseases.

At the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital's Palliative Care Department we provide comprehensive, continuous care to children suffering from serious diseases, who may not reach adulthood, as well as to their families. We see this combination of children and their families as something which is indivisible if we are to provide comprehensive care. 

In these situations, the needs are usually multiple and complex. The team aims to provide physical, social, emotional and spiritual support. Although one of the functions of our department is to help control the symptoms which may arise in complex illnesses, we never lose sight of our principal aim of guaranteeing the well-being of children and their families

The Palliative Care Unit is made up of two paediatricians, four nurses, a social worker, a chaplain and a psychologist, all specialised in the setting of paediatric palliative care. All of these professionals are needed to offer the desired comprehensive care, since, when a serious disease is diagnosed, all aspects of the children's and their families' lives are affected. Fully aware of the complexity of the work, as an institution we take the utmost care of our professionals so that they can provide optimal care.